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no god chose her

What does it mean when you are not able to connect your mind with the body? When your arms or legs do not receive the information that the brain sends?


You think you move your hand reaching for a glass of water but really – nothing happens. No movement. Maybe just your pinkie wobbled. Imagine that after entering the cinema you are able to smell each audience member, all snacks and drinks. Would you be able to focus on the movie?


And how long do you think falling asleep would take you if you were hearing the neighbours' dog yawning, car doors being unlocked, a couple walking next street, gates closing, birds flying, phones ringing? Can you picture seeing colours and light ten times brighter and more intense?


These are only a very few examples of how an autistic person may sense the surrounding world. 

There are plenty differences between the way in which neuroatypical and non-autistic people experience everyday living. Karola Kosecka and her collaborator– Urszula Mierzwa, decided to build an artistic space fully based on the perspective of people on the spectrum. The room is  designed for everyone, with a specific focus on putting neurotypicals in the position of the "neuro–minority".

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