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We are a London-based experimental, international, multidisciplinary performance collective.

We create contemporary performance that combines perspectives, medium and methodology, exploring theatre as a live art form.

We produce live events that merge a contemporary aesthetic with an awareness of theatricality. 

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We aim to fuel and encourage creativity without the need for a hierarchy. Our collective generates individual work, alongside ensemble performance, in which we combine our specialisms, making practices and interests in the process. 

Our work takes many forms, from live cinema production, to public response pieces, to gallery installations. 

We celebrate the different artistic styles of our company: after all, it is us, as human beings, that drive the work. Therefore, we give ourselves the artistic freedom and license to produce work that we feel reflects us as artists and people, inspired by our diverse cultures and training backgrounds.

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Driven by the principles of live performance, at the heart of our work is this question: what can theatre give us that no other art form can? How can it support our story-telling?

We are aware of the ever-changing industry and as the next generation of theatre-makers and performers, developing a 21st century approach to performance-making is integral to our practice. When we make our performance we are also constructing an event. A live, theatrical event. What can performance focus on if not live presence?

We aim for the audience to be invested and immersed in the reality of this event at all time, whilst never allowing them to get too comfortable.  We strive to keep experimenting with the barriers of theatre, pushing to explore its uniqueness as a live art form, whilst always holding on to our artistic integrity. 


And a note on our name...

We often get asked: what's the meaning behind the company's name?


A psychonaut is someone who uses hallucinogenic substances to explore their subconscious, which evokes the experience we want to give to audiences who watch our performance. And the theatre? Our practices are distinctly rooted in the theatrical: though we work across a range of art forms and do not exclusively make theatre, we always apply theories of theatricality and performance to any project we approach. 

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