About Psychonaut

Psychonaut is a London-based intermedial, multidisciplinary and experimental performance collective, founded in 2020. 

The company is made up of the first ever graduates from BA Acting and Performance at Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London.  

We are an ensemble of six international artists and theatre-makers (and very good friends), combining our skills and interests to create experimental and original contemporary performance. We aim to combine perspectives, medium and methodology, whilst maintaining a sense of individuality in our work to ensure the representation of each of our members. We take pride in being a diverse and international group, something which our performance always celebrates.

As a company, we aim to fuel and encourage creativity without the need for a hierarchy. Collaboration lies at the heart of our devising process, with a fluidity in our roles on a project-to-project basis. Because we work as a collective, each member with a different artistic style, we generate individual work alongside group performances with some or all of our members. Operating as a multi-disciplinary collective gives us more artistic freedom and licence to produce work that we feel reflects us as artists; though because we are all driven by the same ethos, there is a stylistic coherency amongst our work. 


At the heart of our work is this question: what can theatre give us that no other art form can? We are aware of the ever-changing industry and as the next generation of theatre-makers and performers, developing a 21st century approach to theatre-making is integral to our practice. When we make our theatre we are also constructing an event. A live, theatrical event. What can theatre focus on if not live presence? We want the audience to be invested and immersed in the reality of this event at all times (when circumstance allows!), whilst never allowing them to get too comfortable.


We strive to keep experimenting with the barriers of theatre, pushing to explore its uniqueness as a live art form, whilst always holding on to our artistic integrity. 

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