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Psychonaut Theatre Dress for Our Time


Dress For Our Time is a project by Professor Helen Storey, created from a decommissioned United Nations High Commission for Refugees refugee tent that once housed a displaced Syrian family. 

Our first public performance was an emergency response piece to the dress, performed at the Chelsea Parade Ground on 10th November 2021, as part of the Carnival of Crisis Parade, organised by the Climate Emergency Network, University of the Arts London.

Helen Storey's words on the performance:

"For this performance, Psychonaut Theatre had no dress rehearsal - had not ever seen the piece in action - let alone felt her weight - made much heavier with the rain she collected. 

The performance was unexpectedly violent - silent, but for the cries of 'I need' in 5 languages towards the end - it struck me violence us right - anger is right - rage is right - every person under the age of 30 now, will likely live to see the end of a world we recognise."


The parade was covered by various media outlets, including Vogue and the Standard.

Psychonaut Theatre Dress for Our Time

From left to right: Teck, Eva, Helen Storey, Lavinia, Arielle, Karola, Jaya

Devised and performed by:

Lavinia Grippa

Karola Kosecka

Teck Krol
Eva Mateos Rodriguez

Jaya Twill

Arielle Zilkha

Photographs by:

Carmen Stricklen

With thanks to Helen Storey, Kate Pelen, the organisers of the Carnival of Crisis Parade and all at the University of the Arts London Climate Emergency Network.

To mark World Refugee Day 2022, and as a part of a collaboration between the London College of Fashion and Worldwide FM, the performance was developed into a short film, which was released on 20th June 2022.

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