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An original performance installation exploring love, heartbreak, and the Rossetti generation​.


Featuring four original performances, Eyes On Me is a contemporary look at the Pre-Raphaelites.

Hello, I am Lavinia and I haven't been obsessed with love in 3 hours

An internal journey through letters from the past, to herself and her beloved ones. All the emotions that Lavinia has felt during the years are still inside of her, this time specifically, in her patched bag. Take whatever is inside: it will bring you back in time with her, and she will show you the way.

Created and performed by Lavinia Grippa, with artistic support from Karola Kosecka.

The seed of the poppy

Elizabeth Siddal, the famous model for Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Ophelia, is back, and she’s pop. She carries a camera with her, and with it she films everything she believes to be art. What she sees will be projected in the space, but not quite as it is.

Created and performed by Francesca Fatichenti, with technical support from Iyas Duhaithem and Devian Maside Leon. 

in an artist's studio/100 poses with a pomegranate

Time and space: unspecified. In an artist’s studio, a model is (mostly) hard at work. She is alone, undisturbed, and it’s finally her turn to put her vision centre stage. You are invited into her studio as she works on her new project ‘100 poses with a pomegranate’, an exploration of the subject-object dichotomy.

Created and performed by Arielle Zilkha

On love and words

What is Pre-Raphaelite beauty and why did it cause so much controversy? Why were women seen as vain, manipulative and temperate, only able to be pure or chaste after death? This durational performance explores the meaning of love and beauty in the 19th century. Is it the same as now?

Created and performed by Eva Mateos Rodriguez


Original performers

Francesca Fatichenti

Lavinia Grippa

Eva Mateos Rodriguez

Arielle Zilkha


Devian Maside Leon

Jon Nicholls

With thanks to Linda Coiradas, Sophie Bruck, Michael Irwin, and the team at Tate Collective.  



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