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IN character

Being a woman in the world is different to being any other gender, and so it is being a woman in the acting world.


Everything in society is gendered, which means theatre is as well. In this film, the process of trying to understand women's gender role in society by testing, experimenting and playing with performativity and gendered actioning is shown.

Is that chosen, or is there is a patriarchal base that we can’t avoid? Does that then mean that actors can’t chose how to approach their characters’ as learning is gendered?


The narrative of the film is broken as what is authentic or original does not matter as much as the spectator’s experience of the performance and what they will be taking with them. The mechanisms of representation are deconstructed to draw attention to the essential artificiality of the performance and the system that is behind it, always pulling the strings: the 


Created and performed by Eva Mateos Rodriguez.

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