a wonderful tragic family

a bubble



They thought this moment would change everything. But does it?

Mums is a poetic and delicate look into the state of grieving, following one family in their attempt to adjust to a new reality. Inspired by Jean Luc-Lagarce’s play J'étais dans ma maison et j'attendais que la pluie vienne, the piece is a collage of different original texts, songs and movement, interwoven and devised by the company. The five performers take the audience on a journey through the characters’ grief, memories and stories, asking what pain is and inviting them to deepen their awareness of this universal state.

Book now for Mums at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, from 6th-10th December at 7:30pm.


Photo credit: Sanne Hofker

Created and devised by the company

Directed by:

Karola Kosecka

Lavinia Grippa


Juraj Benko

Lavinia Grippa

Teck Krol
Eva Mateos Rodriguez

Arielle Zilkha

Score composed by: 

Arielle Zilkha

Songs by: 

Eva Mateos Rodriguez

Arielle Zilkha

Photographs by: 

Alex Forey

Christina Sarkisan

With thanks to Emily Louizou and the team at Ugly Duck for their continuous support!