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The Flapper

A performer comes out on stage to perform.

Night after night. 

This night, she's decided she's had enough.

Or maybe it's just because things don't go quite to plan...

The Flapper is a comedic yet thought-provoking look into the nature of theatrical event and the duty the performer has to entertain the spectator, challenging perceptions of the female body in performance.

The show was first performed in January 2022, at Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London, as part of a wider research project on female subjectivity in performance.

THE FLAPPER Arielle Zilkha

Created and performed by

Arielle Zilkha

Photographs by

Sophie Giddens

Amanda Wu

With thanks to Nic Fryer for his continuous support, and for helping to reinvent PPE!

Promotional picture for The Flapper

Ella Zilkha_TheFlapper25.01.22WimbledonCA001.JPG
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