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A radical, interactive exploration of collective responsibility, set in the not-so-distant future.

Camden People's Theatre, 19th March 2024

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The WIG of Life_A Conference

Script and direction by:

Francesca Fatichenti, Christof Hofer and Arielle Zilkha

Dramaturgy by:

Christof Hofer

Produced by:

Arielle Zilkha


Original performers: 

Francesca Fatichenti

Christof Hofer

Arielle Zilkha

Score composed by: 

Arielle Zilkha

Scenography by:

Francesca Fatichenti


James Christensen

Iyas Duhaithem


Devian Maside Leon

‘You are all here, because we need your input on the final question on biological life: should we give it another chance or let it perish forever?’

Time: the not-so-distant future.

Space: a conference amongst AI.  

Biological life is extinct. One organism has the power to bring it all back. The choice is yours. 

The W.I.G. of Life: A Conference is a witty and thought-provoking look into human history and our collective responsibility towards nature and ourselves. Dance, comedy and TV are blended into an interactive journey through changing moral codes and futuristic visuals, as you are invited to put on your chosen avatar and confront your very own preconceptions.



'The cast, who also wrote and directed, are first-rate'


Sadie Takes The Stage

'Interactive, not forcingly immersive.'

'This wig bonanza by anti life, pardon, AI life is playful and colourful, funny and witty, and never takes itself too serious as several voluntary and involuntary smirks on stage prove – this conference delivers an interactive, philosophical sci-fi malarky with laugh-out-loud moments and brain pickings side by side.'

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