Lavinia Grippa

Lavinia Grippa is an artist from Italy, who started studying at UAL with the only purpose being to become an actor, though through the course she discovered a love for theatre-making and collaborating. Her solo work includes Behind the mask (2020), a short film exploring the concept of Pirandello's mask in our everyday society, and I Am Nothing Else Than Myself (2022), a performance with the goal of deconstructing our society's structures on the stage. She is passionate about any kind of art and her main goal is to be able express her true self on stage.

For the company, she performed as Sarah in The Disenchantment of Two Women in a Separate Place (2021) and performed in Dress For Our Time (2021). She is currently co-directing and performing in Psychonaut's new production, Mums, which will premiere at the Ugly Duck in London in June. 

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