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Arielle Zilkha

Arielle Zilkha is a multi-discplined artist who mostly works as a performer, producer and composer, and is the Artistic Director of Psychonaut. She is currently studying on the MA Advanced Theatre Practice course at RCSSD. Her solo work includes Chopped Salad (2020), a variety show exploring her Jewish and Israeli heritage, and The Flapper (2022), a look into female subjectivity on stage. Her work is highly energetic and refreshing, combining different performance disciplines, including song and dance, to explore theatre as a live art form and a means of deconstruction.

She recently made her professional performing debut in Collide Theatre's production of The Coral at the Finborough Theatre, for which she was also assistant producer. 


For the company, she co-directed and produced The Disenchantment of Two Women in a Separate Place (2021) and performed as part of the ensemble in Dress For Our Time (2021). For Psychonaut's latest production, Mums (2022), she worked as a performer, as well as composing the score and writing the family song.

She also works as an actress and a voice artist, and her acting CV can be found here.  

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