Arielle Zilkha

Arielle Zilkha is a multi-discplined artist who mostly works as a performer, producer and composer, and is the Artistic Director of Psychonaut. She is currently studying on the MA Advanced Theatre Practice course at RCSSD. Her solo work includes Chopped Salad (2020), a variety show exploring her Jewish and Israeli heritage, and The Flapper (2022), a look into female subjectivity on stage. Her work is highly energetic and refreshing, combining different performance disciplines, including song and dance, to explore theatre as a live art form and a means of deconstruction.


For the company, she co-directed and produced The Disenchantment of Two Women in a Separate Place (2021) and performed as part of the ensemble in Dress For Our Time (2021). For Psychonaut's latest production, Mums (2022), she worked as a performer, as well as composing the score and writing the family song.

She also works as an actress and a voice artist, and her acting CV can be found here.